West Midlands Police SCORE OWN GOAL

West Midlands Police SCORE OWN GOAL

On the 3rd July 2019 at 6 a.m. officers from the West Midlands CTU barged down the doors of Deepa Singh from Sikh Youth UK. Deepa along with a 49 year old female relative were arrested by the CTU.

The arrests were made following the controversial raids which were carried out in September 2018 under the direct orders of the Indian Government. The CTU seized hundreds of items in their “Indian extremism” raids from six properties. These items strangely included Kirtan CDs, Chaupai Sahib CDs and all material relating to the #FreeJaggiNow campaign.

Following the incomprehensible raids, the Sikh community took a unanimous stand against the West Midlands Police and imposed a ban on their recruitment stalls at Sikh spaces.

The decision sent shock waves throughout Police forces and the intelligence services across the country. The West Midlands Police intentionally violated the banning in an attempt to save face following the outcry in the Sikh community. But they were met with peaceful protests by members of the Sikh community, including Deepa Singh from SYUK.

Videos of the confrontations went viral across social media platforms attracting thousands of views. National and International newspapers even picked up on the stories and the WMP were left red-faced on several occasions in Birmingham, Leicester, and Derby.

In many of the videos, Deepa Singh can be seen at the forefront of the protests confronting Police officers asking them to leave. Fast forward to June 2019, the WMP held a meeting with Punjab DGP Dinkar Gupta regarding Sikh Activism, which RAIDS reported on at the time.

The WMP are known for their under hand tactics against people who challenge their corruptness. The arrest of Deepa Singh was clearly motivated by an attempt to defame the character of Deepa Singh and SYUK in the Sikh community. The WMP had already prepared statements to forward to the media and even managed to get the “Breaking News” posted on government websites.

However, the WMP have managed to score an own goal because the vast majority of the Sikh community are still standing in solidarity with Deepa and SYUK. A meeting was held on Saturday 6th July, which was attended by many key figures from the Sikh community across the country. Clear evidence was shared with the congregation on how the allegations are baseless and this is clearly a smear campaign against someone who has campaigned for justice and clarity.


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