Right Wing Hindu Extremist Supporters Take Control of UK

The Sikh Community braces themselves after Right Wing Hindu Extremist supporters take control of UK



In recent days, the shift in the UK government to a more right-wing administration has caused grave concern amongst Sikhs living in the UK. The appointment of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and disgraced right-wing politician Priti Patel as Home Secretary demonstrates how the far right are taking control of the UK.

The Sikh community in the UK have enjoyed many freedoms such as the right to practice their religion and freedom of speech, away from the dark Hindu extremism in India.

However, in the last few years, India have begun to influence UK politicians to sing their tune. We have seen these politicians become more silent on issues that affect UK Sikhs such as the torture of Jagtar Singh Johal and the right to self-determination. India is controlling the UK government and has influenced the UK police to monitor and oppress Sikh activists seeking self-determination.

Boris Johnson is considered by many as a racist after his comments against Muslim women, where he used a Telegraph column to liken women wearing a burqa to “letter boxes” and “bank robbers”.

Johnson then went further and hurt Sikh sentiments after he belittled the Bristol Sikh community at a Gurdwara, where he said he would reduce the tax on alcohol entering Panjab through trade deals with India. A member of the congregation spoke out against Johnson, stating alcohol was prohibited in the Sikh religion.

It is clear the Boris Johnson does not consider the Sikh community important or even relevant. When recently asked about Jagtar Singh Johal, he sidestepped the question and changed the topic. It can also be noted that the Free Jaggi Now campaign clarified that Johnson refused to meet the family of Johal, after they requested the British government to bring the UK citizen back home. At the time, Johnson said the UK could not intervene with Indian matters. However, the UK were very keen for the West Midlands Police to arrest Sikhs at the request of the Indian government.

Priti Patel’s appointment as Home Secretary has been met with ‘extreme concern’ by human rights groups. Disgraced Patel was forced to resign from the government in 2017 after scandals concerning her “connections”. But now she will be responsible for counter-terrorism, immigration, policing, crime and drugs policy.

Claire Collier from human rights group; Liberty, said “Priti Patel is a politician with a consistent record of voting against basic human rights protections. For her to be put in charge of the Home Office is extremely concerning”. Even Tory peer, Sayeeda Warsi said Patel was a “disturbing appointment at a critical time.

Patel has been linked to right-wing Hindu extremists. She has met with the terrorist leader Mohan Bhagwat. She and Johnson attended the Hinduja event in the UK, which is linked funding terrorism in India. Patel once stated in an article the importance of a “Hindu Nation”, demonstrating her allegiance to far right staunch Hindu ideology.

Under the new British government, tainted by right-wing Indian fascism, Sikhs are sure to face difficult times in the UK. A member of a Sikh human rights watch group stated “we are at a turning point in the UK politics. With Brexit dawning and the rise of fascism across the country, this is surely the eye of the storm. Sikhs in the UK will now face a world wind of discrimination and harassment at the hands of UK officials appeasing their Indian masters.”

RAIDS will continue to monitor the Anglo-Indian despotism of the Sikhs by Johnson and Patel, though the future looks bleak for Sikhs in the UK. We urge the Sikh community to remain aware of gesture politics by the current government as a tool to influence the Sikh vote bank. If either Johnson or Patel indulge in political stunts by attempting to visit UK Gurdwara’s, we recommend steps are taken by the Sikh community to deny their entry due to their fascist Indian connections and abhorrence for Sikhs.

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