Items Seized Relating To “Extremist Activity”

Items Seized Relating To “Extremist Activity”

Due to the solidarity shown by the Sikh community, pressure has mounted on the corrupt West Midlands Police CTU, resulting in them returning some property which was needlessly removed from 5 Sikh homes in the unlawful raids of September 2018.

The exact items taken from some houses was not fully known as the lists provided by the CTU were intentionally very brief and sketchy.

RAIDS have received images and lists of some of the “terror” related items, which are shown in the image.

It is absolutely shocking and disturbing that the West Midlands CTU seized pictures of the Sikh Gurus, Sahibzade and childrens Khanda t-shirts.

The search warrants clearly stated that items relating to the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism were only to be seized.

Are the West Midlands CTU now implying that pictures of the Sikh Gurus, Sahibzade and Khanda tshirts instigating acts of terrorism?

It must be noted that at each property there were “Sikh” officers present.

The “Sikh” officers enslaved to the WMP would have been present when all these items were taken.

The WMP have once again deeply offended the entire Sikh community while appeasing their Indian masters.

The actions detailed above were entirely unnecessary and when coupled with the false media reports, were clearly aimed at vilification of the entire Sikh community, Sikh history and struggles.

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