British Sikh DETAINED, HARASSED and HUMILIATED By Counter Terrorism Police at Heathrow Airport

UK police working with Indian agencies to harass Sikhs visiting Pakistan for 550 celebrations

Recently we have witnessed India trying to hijack the UK and international celebrations of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji 550 Gurpurb commemorations.

Raids have just been contacted by a distraught middle-aged, British born Sikh man who was due to visit Pakistan for the 550 celebrations on Sunday 3rd November.

The person explained how he was man handled and interrogated from 4.25pm to 9.45 pm, almost 6 hours, by counter terrorism police officers at Heathrow Airport.

The Sikh male passed through the security checks without any issues at terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport. Just as he was in the boarding area and about to board the plane, he was surrounded by 9 counter terrorism police officers who demanded his passport and mobile phone.

When the Sikh man questioned why he was being stopped, the officers became aggressive and some of them reached for their police batons.

The Sikh man who suffers from heart problems became distressed with the aggressive nature of the officers. He had never been in this situation before he said and was petrified that they were going to attack him. The rest of the passengers boarding the plane looked on in astonishment and some started to record the incident and laugh which left the Sikh victim deeply embarrassed and humiliated.

The officers then took the male through some back tunnels and lead him to a special room. All the furniture was screwed to the floor and there were 2 large cameras facing where he was told to sit. There were also large glass panels on all the 4 walls and microphones all around the room.

He was then told that he was being detained under the grossly controversial Schedule 7 law.

Even though he does not have a criminal record and is of good character. The officers explained that they could stop the man without any suspicion or reason, and he had to answer all their questions, or he would be detained for longer and taken to a police station.

The officers refused to give their names but identified themselves a 228464 and 228799. Then they placed a large recording device on the table and started to interrogate the Sikh male for almost 6 hours.

The initial questions were firstly very personal, surrounding his personal life and children. They asked details about his children, when the man asked whether this was necessary the officers threatened that he would be taken to the police station.

During the whole period, everything was being recorded. The Sikh victim explained he had heart problems and asked for a bottle of water, whether he could eat some food and take his medication, but this was all refused.

The Sikh explained to RAIDS how the questioning became very aggressive and intense. All the questions surrounded around his views on India and Narendra Modi. The man explained he had no issues with India or Modi

Questions asked:

Which Indian political party he supported? What did he think of Indian foreign policy? Did he dislike India? What was his views of the Indian army? Was he proud to consider himself as an Indian? (even though they knew he was a British born Sikh.) Which country did he like more, India or Pakistan? Would he vote for Modi? Did he prefer Captain Amarinder or Sukhbir Badal?

Countless questions were thrown at the Sikh about his views on India.

Another officer then entered the room and started to search all his luggage. In the first bag they found a travel kettle, pot noodles and some protein bars. The officers then left the room, when they re-entered, they asked the Sikh man why he was carrying a kettle, pot noodles and protein bars.

The man explained that he would boil the water so it was safe to drink, and the pot noodles would be easy to make if he was hungry. He then explained due to his health issues he was avoiding junk food and chocolates and that is why he had protein bars as an alternative. The officers did not accept this and asked which training camp he would be attending in the Taliban mountain areas and was he planning to attack India?

The officers asked if he would visit the Kartarpur corridor, the Sikh male replied yes. They then asked if he was planning to cross into India and carry out a terrorist attack? The victim was astonished at this and said how could he get into India without an Indian visa? The officers then questioned whether he was planning on smuggling himself into India across the Kartarpur corridor? All the questions shocked the Sikh.

RAIDS acknowledge that all the questions posed were clearly from Indian agencies and the interrogation was carried out to please India.

When the officer searched the 2nd suitcase, he saw the Sikhs small Kirpan. The officers immediately called other officers to look at the Kirpan and they all left the room. The officers referred to the Kirpan as a weapon and questioned why he was carrying a weapon.

The Sikh explained that he was an initiated Sikh, and this was a Kirpan, one of the 5K’s. The officers purposely kept referring to the Kirpan as a weapon and then stared to ask who he was planning to target to attack in India?

These ridiculous questions carried on for hours. In the end, the police said they were going to seize the Sikh’s British passport and that he would not be compensated for any losses. When he asked how he could get his passport back, he was told it was not in their hands and to contact the West Midlands Police.

The Sikh victim asked for the person to contact, the officers refused to give this but instead gave him a generic number to contact.

The middle-aged Sikh man was told that the police would not help him get home from Heathrow airport to the Midlands and told him to leave the airport. The Sikh was left humiliated and stranded. The Sikh victim finally managed to get back to the Midlands at 3am the next day.

RAIDS will continue to support victims of police harassment. We are disturbed by the way a British Sikh was treated by the UK authorities at the orders of the Indian government.

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